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RE: Requesting advice on s/w RAID-1 install

On Wed, 28 Jul 2004, Jason Bleazard wrote:

> > From: Steven Jones [mailto:Steven.Jones@vuw.ac.nz]
> >
> > If you lose the first disk the machine's bios wont pick the second disk,
> > so the machine will not be bootable anyway.
> That's why I said "re-plug the cable" in the original post :-).

you have your raid mis-configured if
	- if you cannot do hands off reboot when any of the disk dies 

you have your system properly configured if
	- the system should still work flawlessly even if a disk died
	  and keeps working till the 2nd disk dies, than you lost
	( it should be able to work w/o kb, w/o monitor )

- your gamble is that you know exactly when your 1st disk
  died in the array and have enough time to replace it with
  a new disk ... no touching of cables .. no opening the box ..
  no keyboard touching other than typing "reboot"

c ya

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