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Recompile kernel without 'make-kpkg clean'?

I'm wondering how I can simply reconfigure and recompile the kernel without
doing a 'make-kpkg clean' everytime.

I'm new to Debian and I've just compiled and installed a 2.6.7 kernel in Sarge.
Now I found out that if I simply do some reconfiguration of the kernel, let's
say remove some particular feature I had statically build into the kernel
before, and then simply redo 'make-kpkg kernel_image' the deselected feature is
still in the kernel (even the new vmlinuz and the old one are identical
Of course I can do the mentioned cleaning before creating the package again. But
then I have to recompile each and everything again, which takes a long time and
should not be necessary.
Building the kernel again with the usual 'make' recompiles only the things which
need to be recompiled. So what's the trick with make-kpkg?


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