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Re: Raid Software

hi ya

On Wed, 28 Jul 2004, Andrea Marin wrote:

> I Would like to setup a system raid1 on my Debian 3.0 but I don't found
> a good HOTO or GUIDE that explain me this.

"good howto" ... pick one of 5 or 10 of um to get all the answers
you're looking for ... ( it's NOT in one howto )
> Can someone say me where I can find a guide or what I must do for
> implement a system raid1 in my new server?

most all the sw raid howto's including obsolete ones

in minimal steps
	- connect your raid setup as /dev/hda and /dev/hdc
	- make sure each partition is "FD" type
	- boot a standalone system that supports raid installs
	- configure your /etc/raid.conf file correctly
	- format with reiserfs or your fav fs ...
	- install your fav distro
	- configure your /etc/lilo.conf or /boot/grub/menu.lst correctly
	- reboot ...

- to test ..
	- unplug /dev/hda 
		- reboot and it should still boot off /dev/hdc
	- write a new 1GB file to the remaining disk and reboot

	- restore /dev/hdc and reboot and see that it automatically
	sync's the new file to the restored disk /dev/hda

	- repeat ( reboot w/o /dev/hdc ) ...

	- if you have to touch the raid configs or touch the keyboard
	to change your raid config ... it's NOT configured properly

c ya

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