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Re: which upgrade path from woody?

On Tue, Jul 27, 2004 at 12:40:19AM +0200, Karl Hasselstr?m wrote:
> On 2004-07-26 10:37:15 -0400, Hendrik Boom wrote:
> > (2) Copy the entire Debain woody partition, replacing the Mandrake
> > partition, adjusting .etc.fstab o the new partition so it points to
> > itself, adding the copy as an additional entry to lilo.conf, making
> > /home symlink to the existing /home on the old woody,
> I assume you mean mounting the existing home partition as /home.

Actually, there's a partition shortage on my system ever since
Mandrake refused to make more than about 13 partitions during installation.
Most of these serve to give each of my users his own Windows partition
so I don't get complaints like "Hey, Henk used all the disk space I
freed yesterday."  I don't know whether this limitation is real or a
figment of Mandrake's imagination.  So /home is on woody's / , and
sarge will have to symlink to it.

> > I heard a long time ago that the reiser file system couldn't handle
> > some special files, such as Hene i've avoided using it for my root
> > partition. the ones in /dev. Is this still a problem in sarge or
> > testing? Is it a problem in woody?
> I've run reiserfs on a few Debian boxes for a year or two now, and the
> bogeymen haven't come for me yet, so I'd say it's not a problem.

The other ancient bogeyman was booting.  Any restrictions on having /boot
be on a reiserfs?

> > Are there any issues in sharing a reiser partition between woody and
> > sargs? Are there version incompatibilities that will kill me if I'm
> > not careful?
> There shouldn't be. Filesystem tools tend to be very
> backwards-compatible, and besides both woody and sid use reiserfs 3.6


-- hendrik

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