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Re: which upgrade path from woody?

On 2004-07-26 10:37:15 -0400, Hendrik Boom wrote:

> (2) Copy the entire Debain woody partition, replacing the Mandrake
> partition, adjusting .etc.fstab o the new partition so it points to
> itself, adding the copy as an additional entry to lilo.conf, making
> /home symlink to the existing /home on the old woody,

I assume you mean mounting the existing home partition as /home.

> I heard a long time ago that the reiser file system couldn't handle
> some special files, such as Hene i've avoided using it for my root
> partition. the ones in /dev. Is this still a problem in sarge or
> testing? Is it a problem in woody?

I've run reiserfs on a few Debian boxes for a year or two now, and the
bogeymen haven't come for me yet, so I'd say it's not a problem.

> Are there any issues in sharing a reiser partition between woody and
> sargs? Are there version incompatibilities that will kill me if I'
> not careful?

There shouldn't be. Filesystem tools tend to be very
backwards-compatible, and besides both woody and sid use reiserfs 3.6

Karl Hasselström, kha@treskal.com

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