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Re: recommendation for digital camera

On 2004-07-07, Chris Metzler penned:
> I don't own a digital camera, unfortunately; so take any advice I may
> give with a block-o-salt.  But I've seen several people here who *do*
> own digital cameras suggest the purchase of a USB memory card reader.
> The idea is that regardless of whether a particular camera is or is
> not compatible with the OS, its memory plopped into a reader will be.
> This enables you to forget the "compatible with Linux" restriction,
> and make your purchase choice entirely on whether a camera will take
> good pictures.

Late, here, but ... my dad has a Kodak camera and whatever the format
was, we couldn't get it to read straight off the card on linux *or*
windows.  We even tried downloading their proprietary viewer app for
windows, but it kept misbehaving till we gave up.

I would say, as long as the camera saves straight to JPG, a usb memory
card reader is the way to go.  I would further say that if the camera
doesn't save straight to JPG or some other readily-useable format, I
wouldn't buy it.


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