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Re: downloaded txt.iso file: how to make a bootable cdimage out of it??

Jérémie Knuesel wrote:

when I burn this file of about 599 MB with cdrecord and i mount this file the only thing i see is < debian xxx.iso >

I don't know what's going on but instead of wasting CD-Rs you can mount
the iso file directly with the loop device. For example, instead of
burning the iso you can do:
mount file.iso /mnt/whatever -o loop
Then you can see the content of the iso in /mnt/whatever. If what you

see is a new iso file, you can try to mount this file too :)
mount /mnt/whatever/debian\ xxx.iso /mnt/whatever2 -o loop

So you can check what you would get if you burned the file.


Jérémie K.

thank you, jeremie for your answer. and,

yes i loop-mounted the image.iso (made under woody) and so i could read what is in this file, which seems to be allright. yet this cdrom i made under woody with cdrecord out of this image does not boot, nor under woody vanilla-kernel nor under sarge.

so i made another cdrom with sarge and - lo - out came a bootable cdrom which i gonna give to my friend-musician.

so the queation remains: why does sarge make bootable cdroms (cdimage.iso's) and woody not. anybody who knows the answer on that question?

however: maybe can cdrtoast be of some help under woody: i gonna spend one more cdrom on this. cost me 60 eurocents (one old dutch guilder and 35 cents) and some reading and googling.




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