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Re: [OT] yahoo protocol switching

on Thu, 24 Jun 2004 04:13:03PM -0500, Kirk Strauser insinuated:
> On Thursday 2004-06-24 03:47 pm, Nori Heikkinen wrote:
> > dude, i totally would, but this one is not under my control -- my
> > company uses yahoo IM to do half of our work, and i don't think
> > they're open to switching.
> Ouch!  That's not a great situation.
> > i'll propose it to my boss, but people can  be surprisingly
> > resistent to change ... 
> Here's how you suggest it: "Boss, there's a great solution that we
> can use for free, and it gives us complete control over our
> messaging system.  It's secure because our information never leaves
> our network unless we want it to, and we can put free encryption on
> it so that messages from salespeople out in the field can't be
> intercepted by our Internet company." -- Kirk Strauser

yeah, the thing is, he knows about all of this.  he'd like to switch,
he just can't handle helping everybody convert.

so i took matters into my own hands.  i'm having a small group of us
(10-15) download gaim and other clients, and sign up at gabfest.net
(thanks a lot, jamin!), for a proof-of-concept; we'll hopefully
migrate to our own server soon.  i told him about this, and he got all
excited about involving developers in the IT side of things (we're a
smaaaaaaall company, you see) ... looks like the wheels are in motion.  

ahh, all those little lightbulb icons down my gaim buddy list make me
happy ...

thanks, all!


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