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Re: Six GMail Invites, First come, First Served!

On Fri, 25 Jun 2004 08:14:44 -0700, Steve Lamb <grey@dmiyu.org> wrote:

>     There is no ability to sort on anything other than having each thread
> (damn their "conversations" notion, we need no new terms here!) show up based

Thread is a pretty unintuitive term, conversation is more natural - I
won't have to explain to my parents what conversation means, with any
luck :)

>     Only if you like it their way.  "They can have any color they want as long
> as it's black." -- Henry Ford

Ford changed over time, so can GMail.  Tell them what you want.

> >>There's no clear deliniation between new and old mail.

I mark old mail as Read.  Works for me.

> 1: Archive instead of delete.

This works until we start running out of space.  By which point, they
might extend the limits or alter the interface to support deleting
really old stuff etc.

> 2: Labels show old *AND* new mail.  I cannot get just a display of "new mail
> in Debian".

True, but it does highlight new mail pretty well.

> > Google seems to market GMail with the "Search not Sort" idea, which
> > I've written to them that I think is a mistake.
>     Quite so.

I disagree, I find looking for my email a pita in other clients.  No,
I can't justify that, it's just a preference.

>     With no idea really of whom has written the new messages nor any means of
> displaying it except one way.

If you want other ways, ask for them.

>     No, that isn't a problem until you realize that if you want message 61 out
> of a 200 message thread you need to delete, one-at-a-time, 199 messages to
> preserve that one.  I'm not sure if they're linking threads by
> references/in-reply-to or just by subject but I doubt it is by just
> references/in-reply-to alone.  So what happens to that message you wanted
> saved the next time that subject comes up and you delete the thread?  Chances
> are it would be deleted, too.

I agree, but hopefully by the time I need to delete anything that will
be sorted.

>     Quite so.  This is the main problem with the "don't delete anything" way
> of thinking.  With deleting of all save a select few messages things work
> better.  In GMail the labels are meaningless because I have to archive it and
> then mark it as read to keep the messages from showing up over and over again.
>  I could delete but I've explained the general problem with that and it still
> is more convoluted than need be.  Open thread, expand message, select menu,
> select delete.  No thanks.  :/

I set my debian-user filter to archive the mail, works for me.

A better place to send this stuff might be

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