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Re: Pros/Cons Kde vs Gnome?

On Thu, Jun 17, 2004 at 06:50:27PM -0400, Silvan wrote:
> > The hell with the money.  There are people running Linux on P-II 450MHz
> > systems that can't even carry more than 512MB RAM.  That's half their
> > memory, right there.
> I'm running a 512 MB box and typically have three KDE users logged in at any 
> given time.
> Looking at memory with KInfoCenter -> Memory (the only thing I can actually 
> understand... sorry), it breaks down like (I'm reading this in motion, so 
> these won't exactly add up):
> Total Free Memory:    42%
> Used Swap:            27%
> Used Physical Memory: 33%
> Free Physical Memory: [varying too fast to read because I'm compiling
>                        a program]
> Disk Cache:           31%
> Application Data:     [ranging from a low of 30% to a high of 66%]
> Free Swap:            58%
> Used Swap:            41%
> I've got three users with three KDE sessions running:
> ->who|wc -l
> 3
> ->ps aux|grep kicker
> hoohoo    2424  0.0  1.6 31632 8556 ?        S    Jun11   2:34 kdeinit: kicker
> dilly    10642  0.0  0.8 28848 4144 ?        S    Jun12   0:07 kdeinit: kicker
> chacha   14996  0.0  1.8 28508 9216 ?        S    Jun13   0:02 /usr/bin/kicker
> I've personally got six Konsoles, 12 instances of OpenOffice, a GIMP, 18 
> Konquerors, KSnapshot, KAMix, KGhostView, KMail, two Cervisias, one 
> Rosegarden, one KDict, one QJackCtl, countless makes and gccs and g++s, and a 
> partridge in a pear tree.  I'm not even getting any xruns out of JACK in 
> spite of all this.
> It would be pointless to buy more RAM for this box, and it isn't necessary to 
> force my users to settle for something crappy.  Let them have their eyecandy.
> I'm using up a lot of RAM, and I have a fair amount of idle tasks swapped out, 
> but so what?
> Anyway, to answer the original question, nothing will happen if you get rid of 
> either KDE or GNOME or both.  I don't have GNOME installed here, but I can 
> still run the GIMP and the handful of other GTK+ apps I use.  The reverse is 
> surely true.

Take note that there is a difference between gtk/qt and gnome/kde
apps. gnome/kde apps use gtk/qt toolkits respectively, but not the
other way around.

gimp is not a gnome app, it doesn't use the whole gnome framework
(settings servers, communication with the task-bar etc.) It just uses
the gtk toolkit, which is defines the appearance of the widgets and the
internal message passing of the gui, it doesn't have any external
communication with gnome.

toolkit and framework are different things.

(of course this is nothing to do with the whole performance question)

As for running gtk apps without gnome or qt apps without kde, check the
dependencies, some will work without the whole think and some will just
pull just about the whole of gnome or kde in as dependencies (check out
evolution or kdepim)
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