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Sid 20040518 - not able to install from CD


In the "Debian installer main menu" I get

Choose language
Choose country
Select a keyboard layout
Detect and mount CD-ROM
Load installer components from CD
Change debconf priority
Check the CD-ROM(s) integrity
Execute a shell
Abort the installation and reboot

and that's all. No entry where I can choose "Install now" or something.

Mounted on my existing Linux system gemountet checking the MD5 sums
gives Ok. Checking via "Check the CD-ROM(s) integrity" when installing
it gives me test failed right on the first file

The CD-ROM is detected and correct recognized, "Load installer
components from CD" does nothing.

What's the shell for? For any case of emergency or should the normal
install user do anything with it?
How can I partition the disc and start installation?
I've tested it on four machines with different hardware, with the same

Would be great if someone could give me a tip how I can install Debian
this way.


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