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Re: Pros/Cons Kde vs Gnome?

At 2004-06-15T18:27:51Z, JFahnenmueller@t-online.de (Joachim Fahnenmueller) writes:

> Not bad. But IMHO far better:
> $ cd /u[tab]sh[tab] etc.
> $ mc al[tab] si[tab]

Note that you skipped a latter part of my message:

>> Of course, my main file manager is Konsole and Zsh, so most of this is
>> academic on my part.  :)

Still, one thing that Konqueror lets me do more conveniently than a shell
prompt is interact with remote filesystems.  I can use the sftp:// or
fish:// methods to browse filesystems on servers located elsewhere, then
drag-and-drop files to windows browsing local Samba shares (and vice versa).
Those things are obviously *possible* from a text shell, but Konqueror makes
the process a lot easier.
Kirk Strauser
In Googlis non est, ergo non est.

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