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Re: ccing

Cheryl Homiak <chomiak@charter.net> writes:

> I agree that it's irritating to get duplicate messages. However, it's
> often not that the person deliberately did a cc. At least in Pine, I
> often get messages from this list where when I go to reply i'm asked if
> I want to reply to all recipients.

Reply To All is not the option you're looking for.  You want reply to
list.  Sorry, Pine doesn't have this, you'll need an actually maintained
MUA to get basic functionality like reply-to-list.  I strongly recommend
mutt (the de-facto standard on the list and fairly easy to transition to
From pine) or gnus (it's everything and a bag of chips, but you *really*
have to like emacs to use it).

Other gains you'll get by switching to a better MUA:

1) Proper MIME handling
2) GPG support
3) You can open your email before you leave work for a long weekend on
   Friday afternoon, and your inbox will open before you get back on

[1] The last straw for me years and years ago back when I used to still
use pine: I start pine after not being home for a week.  45MB of mail
took pine about 11 hours to load, then it ran unusably slow.  Took mutt
about 10 seconds and it just worked.

Paul Johnson
Linux.  You can find a worse OS, but it costs more.

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