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Re: Dear Debian Maintainers (usability)

> For example either of the following
> aptitude search console
> apt-cache search console config
>  produces among other things:
>     console-common - Basic infrastructure for text console configuration

Nice hint, thanks. But "network config" shows too many entries... anyway, edit 
the interfaces works, too.

> Thats true, some things are harder/easier then others. Locales can be a
> problem for people new to linux, although IIRC the kde setup has
> something on these when you first start kde.

I wanted to search for some man pages about locales with synaptic... but there 
is so much docu, I did not find it. I'll try it later with a filter search.
Gosh, there are so many packages....

I hope there is a bigbigbig howto about that. If nothing helps I'll google.

> Changing the keyboard through X (xkb) is a bit more advanced (IIRC some
> if the gui X setup programs help you with that) but thats why both kde
> and gnome include the keyboard switching applets by default.

Kde itself seems not to be the problem, only the missing LANG-settings or 
something like that.

> > A menu which handles the calls for dpkg is urgently needed.
> Thats right, setup menus and utilities are not one of debian's strong
> points since when people get to the point when they can contribute it
> usually isn't the part that bothers them.
> Hopefully it will be the next project after the installer ;-)
Maybe it helps that yast is (or will be) open source?

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