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Re: charset of ext3 drives

> Well, depending on what encoding the filenames (I suppose we're still
> talking about filenames?) were before, you'll first have to convert them
> to UTF8. There is a script somewhere that will do this similar to the
> recode utility, but I can't find it right now.
I found something called konvert or conwert....

The problem is not the file name, when I type russian the displayed chars in 
kate are the same, so there is hope. I read a lot of locales for kde (I 
condfigured them as requested), keyboard stuff (should work), Fonts (I 
installed cyrillic and others)... 
but finally {} what am I missing? Maybe tell it to me like a child. 
- I have in text mode no german keyboard. I always have to call 
dpkg-reconfigure console-common by hand
- I have no umlauts in kde, cyrillic chars either. But they are only not 
displayed the right way. Ok, something with locale. Must I set the 
environments? Probably - any hint where? It should be as global as possible. 
And which ones? maybe LANG? 
- Is it normal to have such problems? Must every (german) debian user manually 
change files? Ok, maybe I'll understand how all this stuff with foreign 
languages works.

Can somebody write down a howto, where the depencies are explained? What to 
do, if...? What depends on...? Would be great *sniff*

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