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Re: charset of ext3 drives

> Please don't post new questions as replies to old threads.
I'll never do this, sorry. Now I know why some messages are sorted strange :-)

> Using UTF-8 characters ist not really a filesystem problem, the FS
> doesn't care too much what characters you use as long as there are no
> control characters or slashes. You just need to tell the rest of the
> system to use the proper locale. A first step is
> dpkg-reconfigure locales
What I did is: reconfigured locales, checked all DE-boxes, checked all 
RU-Boxes, selected DE_utf@euro.... and finally have uk-charset on the 
keyboard (in text-runlevel).

> If you're using samba shares with "special" characters (anything not low
> ASCII), you will need to mount them properly. I'm using this smbmount

No samba at all (til now). 

> If you've got here, chances are that special characters aren't all this
> special anymore and they even get displayed with the right fonts.
> Generally, the Microsoft truetype fonts are rather good at this.
I am at the point that cyrillic chars are always ????-displays (in text mode) 
and glyphs in graphic mode (konqueror). I changed the charset of konqi to 
utf8 without any change. Am I too stupid to use debian? Maybe...

I think my main problem is, that I dont know whom to ask for what. Is it a 
problem of X, Display Manager, Kde at all, Konqueror, a mount problem... it 
could be everything. 

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