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Re: Grub & Nvidia

* Ghe Rivero <ghe@upsa.es> [040603 13:18]:

> 	i have a computer with an nvidia MX200 32 Megas. I have change from
> lilo to grub, but after the bios init, a blank screen appears! After the
> 10 seconds, linux is loaded properly, so grub is working properly but
> not showing anithing. Changing the Nvidia card, everything is correct.
> Anybody knows how to resolv this?¿

Some NVidia-Cards have a problem when running with framebuffer dribers
(that is the driver, which shows you a little boot pinguin in the corner
when booting). Therefore it is sometimes necesary to disable that with a
boot parameter.

It might be possible, that your lilo.conf contained such a line (eg.
"vga=normal"), while your grube conf does not.

Well, but after thinking a lit deeper: If that would be the case, you
shouldn't be able to see anything, not even after 10 seconds...

Well, micht be worth a try. Shouldn't damage anything to test it our.

Yours sincerely,

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