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Re: Grub & Nvidia

El jue, 03-06-2004 a las 14:04, -0700, Paul Johnson escribió:
> Ghe Rivero <ghe@upsa.es> writes:
> > 	i have a computer with an nvidia MX200 32 Megas. I have change
> > from lilo to grub, but after the bios init, a blank screen appears!
> > After the 10 seconds, linux is loaded properly, so grub is working
> > properly but not showing anithing. Changing the Nvidia card,
> > everything is correct.  Anybody knows how to resolv this?¿
> Are you trying anything goofball like using a boot picture or something?

	Nothing, a plain menu... that's why i'm just so lost!

	Ghe Rivero

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