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X server.

Good night friends,

Is my first time on this debian lists.

Well, my problem maybe is so easy for experts or not!!!!!
I install debian 3.0 in my PC 3 times, I don't know what make for the vga
adapter load de X server.

My pc start, open LILO MENU, ok, I select Linux, but the default option is
in console mode, I make the first configuration with the kdm mode during
installation, tests bad. In the second configuration I choose the Xdm mode
dunring instalation, but in any cases the KDE or X don?t load.

What the best way to configure this??
Exists some plugin (daemon) for linuxconf to configure VGA cards?

My vga card is S3 Prosavage
My PC has installed KDE and gnome

I need Help.

Sorry for this english, it's so bad.


Guilherme Rocha
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