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USB module causing lockups? (Was: Strange lockups in X)

* Erik Steffl <steffl@bigfoot.com> [2004 Jun 03 06:13 -0500]:

>   how exactly it freezes?

Everything stops, no mouse pointer response or keyboard response.

>   - can you ping the machine?

No.  Last night the desktop was locked up and there was no network

>   - does it freeze when you do not use X?

I've not really checked as I rarely work without X.  This is on my list
of tests to do as I try to track this problem.

>   - does it freeze when you do kernel compile (or memory test)?

I had not tried anything that intensive on either box.  I did have this
laptop lockup a coupl of times while running aptitude and doing an
update and then getting packages.

As I mentioned in my original email, I removed the usb-uhci kernel
module from being resident and this laptop has stayed running.  The
desktop hardware uses the uhci module and I removed it from being
loaded at boot time.  For the first time, the desktop machine stayed
running through the night, so I may be onto something.  It may well be
some sort of bug in the low-level USB driver that causes the problem
when it is loaded without any higher-level USB modules.  Since I don't
need it loaded all the time, I can load it and unload it when needed.

Stay tuned!

- Nate >>

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