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Re: Strange lockups in X

Nate Bargmann wrote:

About two weeks ago I updated both of my machines to the then latest
versions in Testing. At the same time the xfree packages of version 4.3.0.dfsg.1-1. Shortly after that I began to experience instant
freezes on both the laptop and the desktop which are two very different
machines, but i386 architecture.
I can't pin down any common action that I might be doing.  I've had the
desktop run for nearly 24 hours and often times it will run less than
six hours before locking up.  It has always locked up when not in use
so xscreensaver has been active.

  how exactly it freezes?

  - can you ping the machine?

  - does it freeze when you do not use X?

  - does it freeze when you do kernel compile (or memory test)?


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