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Re: automatic login (NOT gdm)

> > 1) Upon boot, automatically log in as 'kiosk' user and issue the 'startx' 
> > command. This is easy using gdm but I don't really want to use a window 
> > manager at all: is there a way to do it before x is launched?
> Well, startx is a shell script, you might be able to edit it and execute
> it as the last item in /etc/init.d
Hi Matt!

You could even add a line to /etc/inittab that calls startx, and set the
desired action to "respawn"; that way the X server will be restarted when
somebody manages to kill it.
By the way, you should create a short wrapper around startx that drops the
root privileges... I'm not quite sure, but

su kiosk -c /usr/bin/X11/startx

should probably do the trick.

Regarding your 2nd question: A simple entry into /etc/crontab should be

0 4 * * * root	/sbin/reboot

Further refinement (warning any users that are still logged on... ;-))
is of course possible.


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