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automatic login (NOT gdm)

Hi there.

I've configured some older computers at college to be simple web kiosks, for webmail and library catalogue browsing via Mozilla Firefox. I would like to do two things:

1) Upon boot, automatically log in as 'kiosk' user and issue the 'startx' command. This is easy using gdm but I don't really want to use a window manager at all: is there a way to do it before x is launched?

2) Have the machine reboot automatically at 4.00 every night: due to the small amount of RAM it tends to slow down if left on for too long.

I know 2) is possible but it depends if 1) is viable. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, and please, presume virtually no knowledge of user modes on my part!

Thanks very much,
Matt Kay

Selwyn College, Cambridge

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