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Re: Need to prevent X from restarting

Aldous Huxley wrote:

Yes, I already knew that trick.  It's just that sometimes I need to
back out of X completely to free up system resources to allow me to
play mp3s using console-based players like "splay".

So I'd like to be able to boot into X login, then back out of X when
I'm through "working", free up that precious memory (64mb total) and
play some music and use other console-based progs too.

if you have enough swap then lot of X (and X clients, if any) will be swapped out, that might be enough, just make sure you don't have X programs running that do something on their own (like browser with flash plugin animation etc.)

So is there a way to prevent X from always restarting?

as others pointed out it is restarted by display manager (probably gdm, kdm or xdm), apart from stopping the display manager you can also:

- remove it completely, start X on demand by startx, when you exit X it won't be automatically restarted

- use update-rc.d to not automatically start [xkg]dm (and use startx to start X only when you want X)


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