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Re: apache/php/mysql help

> > choices; downgrade php4-mysql, or upgrade the rest of your php4
> > packages, and possibly apache and mysql, too).
> >
> >
> If you would like to have the more or less "newest" versions, you should
> really consider taking the ones from http://www.backports.org

Uh, hate to be a bugaboo, but backports doesn't have any php4* ports on it.
I think it is a bit too big for such a small crew to take a handle of.  If
you have to have a newer version I would suggest just compiling it by hand -
I hate having to break ranks from the love that is the .deb, but my job
forces me to in this regard.  Thankfully you can just create an info.php
file and see what the compile options are for your current version - pass
those to ./configure and just run with it and it "should" put stuff where it

Your info.php file should just contain:


Then just stick it in your web root and check it out in your favorite


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