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Re: Need to prevent X from restarting

Aldous Huxley wrote:

Thanks to the advice of this group, I can now dual-boot using Lilo.
Thanks again.  Now I need to figure out how to configure the proper
file that controls how Debian boots up.  I like having the automatic
X login screen, but whenever you try to logout or explicitly kill
the process in a console, it just starts up again.  In other words,
I can't back out of X and just work at a bash console.
Summary: I do want an automatic X login screen when I boot up.
I don't want it to automatically restart if I logoff or kill X.
Any suggestions?

There are about four common login managers on Linux: xdm, wdm, kdm, gdm.

To get rid of the X login screen, one possibility would be to uninstall the active login manager.

Another possibility is to temporarily "cripple" the startup script for your login manager (add "exit 0" as the first executable line of the script, or rename, move, delete the startup script or the symlink to that script.).

Or you could remove the startup script's link from the default run level (update-rc.d blah blah blah).

Or you could create a custom run level for GUI and for text-only.

Or you could just simply switch to a text console and forget you have the login manager running (Ctrl-Alt-F1).

Or you could kill the login manager on a boot-by-boot basis (Ctrl-Alt-F1, "sudo /etc/init.d/[gxkw]dm stop"). This is probably the method that most closely matches what you're asking for.

Those are the most common methods; take your pick.


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