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Re: Need to prevent X from restarting

Yes, I already knew that trick.  It's just that sometimes I need to
back out of X completely to free up system resources to allow me to
play mp3s using console-based players like "splay".

So I'd like to be able to boot into X login, then back out of X when
I'm through "working", free up that precious memory (64mb total) and
play some music and use other console-based progs too.

So is there a way to prevent X from always restarting?

richard lyons <richard@the-place.net> wrote:
On Wednesday 02 June 2004 14:54, Steve Witt wrote:

> But this isn't really a problem I don't think, as you can get
> access to a console screen when you are in X. You press "cntl - alt
> - F1" (or F2 or F3) to get a console screen. To get back to X press
> "cntl - alt - F7".

or just "alt-F7"

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