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Re: Linux on a Windows XP computer?

I would recommend picking up an internal pci modem -- 3com, usrobotics and xircom are usually well supported under linux in general (I don't use modems, so I can't give a more specific recommendation, sorry,) and for sound a soundblaster.

Remember to disable the on-board devices via the BIOS before installing and you should be good to go.


alex wrote:

The motherboard has integrated video and integrated sound and it has an Agere Systems PCI Soft Modem . As far as I can tell, video seems OK in Linux, at least it's there but I'm just comparing it to another WinXP computer where the video didn't work at all in Linux. Perhaps someone can enlighten me on this..

.I could use some recommendations about installing a modem that is more suitable for Linux, an internal PCI.Hardware version or external (which is preferable, series or USB?) I've been under the impression that any external modem will work in Linux but the data for some models.omits Linux in their operability list. I'd like to have audio but it doesn't have to be super quality---- I'm not a music fanatic so the cheapest sound card would be OK as long as it works in Linux..


David Piniella
University of Miami

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