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Re: xserver future?

On Monday 31 May 2004 22:49, Matt Price wrote:
> Hi folks,
> after not noticing for months, I've finally beocme aware of the major
> behind-the-scenes feuding btwn xfree86 & x.org.  From browsing the
> debian-x lists, I see that xfree86 will likely no longer be supported
> by debian after the current release.
> this led me to two questions:
> 1) is this going to affect debian users much?  That is, will we be
> able to effortlessly upgrade to x.org packages in the future and
> simply leave xfree86 behind?  Or will this become rather more
> complicated?
> 2) Does this stimulate any interest in or increase the possibility of
> acceptance of the various "successor" projects to x -- like Y windows,
> and I think I've seen others elsewhere (fresco?) which aim to redesign
> the desktop from the gorund up?
> This isn't a troll, but I am interested in these questions in party
> because I plan to be teaching a bunch of kids to run linux in the
> winter, and I'm just wondering whether the x framework as we currently
> know it will still be around.
> later,
> matt
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as a subsidiary question, does anyone know of these "follow-on" Xs will
support old drivers, come to that will Sarge.  I ask because I have an old
machine which I use for testing and it has an S3 card in it which does not
appear to have been ported to 4.3.  Currently I use one of the old 3.x drivers
but I notice that this driver no longer appears in Sarge - at least I could
not find it anywhere.


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