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Re: Problems recognising second debian sarge CD

since you have installed the base system, why not use some debian mirror
do the rest.

i have another question: is the Sarge CD detect your SOUND Card during
the installing process?   as a newbie i can not config the sound card
after a installed Woody in my linux box. I wonder if  Sarge do the work
for me since it have more advanced hardware detection ability.


On Tue, Jun 01, 2004 at 06:45:50PM +0100, Rich wrote:
> We've been having a go at installing Sarge.
> We have got the base system installed OK but have come up against a problem
> when trying to install the remaining packages.
> The installer (base-config) asks us to insert the second CD
> Debian GNU/Linux testing _Sarge_ - Official Snapshot 1386 Binary-2
> (20040417)
> When I do so, it doesn't recognise it! The CD isn't damaged in any way, and
> nor is the image. We burned a new disk, same result.
> Do I need to actually title the disk 'Debian GNU/Linux testing _Sarge_ -
> Official Snapshot 1386 Binary-2 (20040417)' when I burn it?
> It's all I can think of, but nowhere did I see any instructions telling me
> to do so.
> (I downloaded the images using Jigdo from the official site and burned them
> as bootable ISOs)
> This one's kinda got me stumped.
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