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Re: [OT] List of dates from evolutions calendar

Joerg Johannes wrote:

usage:  portcal.pl <file.ics>

Paul Scott

Thanks Paul,

this script is exactly what I wanted. Only one problem: It freezes on
dates containing non-ASCII characters, especially "ß". Any idea how I
could solve this?
This was a quick solution to a problem. These lines would have to be smarter:
  my $day   = substr( $xx, 6, 2 );
  my $hour = substr( $xx, 9, 2 );

If I knew exactly where the "g"s were happening I could fix it. It also might a good exersize for you. :)

Furthermore, .ics from evolution is not equal to .ics from korganizer.
If I use the evolution Calendar.ics file, all dates are timed 5 pm - 5
pm, while after importing them to korganizer/export them as .ics again,
it works (apart from the "ß" problem). Strange.
I'm 7 hours away from you and I wanted local time. Change the following line:

my $zone = 7;

to reflect your time zone and you will have local time also.

However, on the Evolution mailing list I was told that this feature is
planned for Evolution 2.0, so let's hope this will be finished soon.

Thanks again, joerg
You're welcome,


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