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Re: TMDA and other challenge-response systems considered harmful

richard lyons wrote:
> Wow, what nice spammers you meet: give you real addresses.  Mine all 
> use fake sending addresses, so would never receive any challenge I 
> sent.  In fact, that is why I always thought some sort of challenge 
> system would be effective - it would remove 99% of the spam that 
> comes my way, which I, ignorantly, assumed was a representative 
> sample.

    And what happens with all of those messages sent to bogus addresses?  Oh,
right, they take up system resources.  And what about all those messages
stored in the holding pen?  Oh, right, they take up system resources.  The
bounces generated?  System resources.

    Now to really cook your noodle.  What happens when someone gets 4,500
copies of a virus?  Or, right, he sends out 4,500 messages TO LEGITIMATE EMAIL
ADDRESSES OF INNOCENT BYSTANDERS.  And this was considered a "good thing" by
one TMDA user.  *sigh*

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