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grsecurity ending

It appears the grsecurity kernel hardening project is ending support,
perl slashdot:

End Of Development For Grsecurity Announced?
Posted by simoniker on Monday May 31, @03:58PM
from the future-not-so-secure dept.
vrtk writes "I received this minutes ago, from the grsecurity mailing
list, also displayed on the official site for the open-source security
project: 'Beginning today, May 31, 2004, development of grsecurity will
cease. On June 7, the website, forums, mailing list, and CVS will be shut
down. Due to a sponsor unexpectedly dropping sponsorship of grsecurity
while continually promising payment, I began the summer in debt and had to
borrow money from family to pay for food. If none of the companies that
depend on grsecurity, some of them being very large, are able to sponsor
the project, grsecurity will cease to exist. I am not looking for paypal
donations at this point, unless those that donate do so with the
recognition that despite their donation, grsecurity may still never be

I use this kernel extensiviely to harden my public servers.
He's looking for companies that use it to sponsor him on the development.
You'd think one of the big companies like IBM or HP would be willing to
sponsor one of these kernel security projects.
If you feel the urge to sponsor him (however big or small) , then get
ahold of him so he'll keep working on the project.
--Luke CS Sysadmin, Montana State University-Bozeman

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