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Re: Can I install non debian source packages?

 --- James Sinnamon <jps@westnet.com.au> wrote: 

> I am running 'testing' and am considering changing to 'unstable'.  
> In any case, does this site give me any clues about how to go about 
> building non-Debian applications from source archives?  
> ... or do I just try to run ./configure, then make etc, as normally 
> instructed within the package documentation?

Why are you compiling it? Either way, you'll need to ensure that you have:


installed. Then it is simply (ha!) a case of:

./configure [--options] && make && su -c 'make install'

[--options] to ./configure is optional -- it depends how rich a
feature-set you want. "make install" must be run as root.
But unless you have a reason not to, I suggest using .deb packages
whenever you can.

Does that help?

-- Thomas Adam

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 -- Benjamin A. Okopnik (Linux Gazette Technical Editor)

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