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Re: Missing Modules for lm_sensors, where do they come from?

thanks for your answer, I spent most of yesterday googling and looking
at the lm-sensors website. I found various module packages, but never did
actually find one for my Kernel, but I also never ever found anything that
actually stated what you have said. Maybe I am just blind.
What also was not clear was how the Debian package I got via apt-get
related to what I would get if I had just got the lm-sensors packages
and compiled everything myself. I tried looking for other Debian packages
via APT that may have had the modules, without any luck.

Still now I really do know what I am looking for.

Cheers Brian

Chris Metzler wrote:
On Mon, 31 May 2004 21:41:32 +0200
Brian <Brian_Dorling@t-online.de> wrote:

I am currently trying to get lm_sensors installed. Sensors-detect seemed
to go OK. In fact all seems to be going OK until the IT87 modules should
be loaded. There I get "module not found". And sure enough the module is
not there.

Reading much of the lm_sensors stuff did not tell me where the module
should come from, especially where the correct one for my machine etc
should come from.

I was installing the lm-sensors 2.8.6-11 package for Debian. Looking
in that package file I saw no obvious modules in there.

So could someone please point me to where the module should normally
come from, and also where it would normally be placed too?

Did you try Googling?  What did you find?  Or how about the archives
of this mailing list?  This has been discussed here many times.

Briefly:  the lm-sensors packages, as the package description says,
contains *utilities* for reading the sensors.  It doesn't contain
the actual kernel modules necessary.  For that, you're going to need
to download either one of the module packages ("lm-sensors-kernelversion")
if you're running a stock Debian kernel, or build your own from
the package lm-sensors-source if you've got a custom kernel.  You'll
also need i2c modules ("i2c-kernelversion" or "i2c-source") as well.


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