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Re: Can I install non debian source packages?


On Tue, 1 Jun 2004 05:41 pm, Thomas Adam wrote:
>  --- James Sinnamon <jps@westnet.com.au> wrote: #
> > If I want to install a package  with a version number later than what
> > exists as a Debian package (I had in mind Zope and Plone), is there
> > any reason that I should not do so?  ... as long as I am prepared
> > to set up the environment, configure it, build it, and also install
> > whatever other packages on which the package depends?
> That's fine. 

Thank you, I think that answers my question, but ...

> If you're running debian woody, see:
> http://www.apt-get.org

I am running 'testing' and am considering changing to 'unstable'.  

In any case, does this site give me any clues about how to go about 
building non-Debian applications from source archives?  

... or do I just try to run ./configure, then make etc, as normally 
instructed within the package documentation?

Thanks again,



James Sinnamon
jps at westnet com auStralia
ph +61 412 319669, +61 2 95692123, +61 2 95726357

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