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Re: Compilling Kernel 2.4.25 on Debian 2.0r3

Roberto Sanchez wrote:

Federico Petronio wrote:

Hi, maybe somebody can help me in this:

I recently compiled the 2.4.25 linux kernel (downloaded from kernel.org) on Debian Woody 2.0r3 (kernel 2.4) (all from stable branch) because I need support for some SCSI controller that is not build on the 2.4 stable kernel (2.4.18-1).

Everything works well if I put all I need on the kernel, but if I try to use modules, I find some problems:

- The initrd image could not be read correctly ("cramfs: bad magic" is the message I get) - "The System.map file is not appropriate to the kernel" claims ps(1).
    - I get "unresolve symbol" messages when I try to insert modules.

I guess all this could be caused by incompatibility between the kernel and the rest of the utilities needed for compilation, initrd generation, etc. Is this possible? Or I should look for other explanation?

How did you build your kernel?  Did you build and install the initial
ramdisk (if necessary) for your new kernel?

The usual (as far as I know) way.

make menuconfig
make dep
make clean
make bzImage
make modules
make modules_install

Then mkinitrd -o <initrd.img> /lib/modules/<new_modules_dir>

After that I copied the System.map and initrd.img to the /boot dir.

Finally I boot using grub.

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