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Re: Wine Snapshot Packages?

Franco Gorziglia wrote:
Adam Kessel wrote:

There used to be WINE CVS packages at


but they seem to have disappeared over the last several months.

Is anyone aware of any working apt source for WINE debs?
I'd never seen that page working.
I'm also interest as you in Wine packages, because the Wine version 2004XXXXX apparently has a problem that causes that I can't attach files in Lotus Notes and report and error about the clipboard metafile. I heard that the problem is solve downgrading to the version 20031212 of Wine, but I'm in Sarge and don't know how to downgrade the version.

PS.: Sorry for my english.

You can download the source of version 20031212 -- Compiling wine is easy; You can download the wine source here:


You download a tarball, and say,
  tar xzf WINE*.tar.gz
  cd wine*

The wineinstall script will configure, ask wether you want to install - and compile (and install) everything; I'd recommend you first remove the other wine version to avoid problems;

To clean up, say (in the same directory)
  make uninstall



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