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Re: Concerning testing

On 14 May 2004, John Chronakis wrote:
> Hi,
> Although I am an old Linux user, I have never used debian, and I am a
> bit confused about the various versions.
> I would like to install testing (sarge) on a small business server
> (gateway, firewall, mail, web, ftp etc).
> I know that I should install stable, but somehow I don't want to. So I
> have some questions.
> Do things break often with testing?
> Will I have problems with security updates?
> Is testing on a business server an awfully idea, or just not recommended.
> I am asking those with debian experience, since I cannot judge only by
> what I am reading on the official site.
> Thanks.

Have a look in the archive (via Google if you like); there was an
extensive discussion of this subject a couple of weeks ago. The general
conclusion was that Unstable is the way to go in preference to Testing,
especially as regards security updates.

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