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apt-file usage


I'm trying to understand how to use apt-file.  I've just installed it
on unstable (2.0.3-6) and am using what I believe is the default
/etc/apt/apt-file.conf (follows below).

when I try:

apt-file list mozilla-firefox
apt-file search firefox

I get nothing.  Am I doing something wrong?  Or is the config perhaps
not set up right?

I ifnd the man page soemwhat telegraphic, so perhaps I'm missing


# Apt-file configuration file

# Substitutions are made as follow:
#	host => remote hostname
#	port => port
#	uri => complete URI from sources.list
#	path => path from /
#	dist => the distrib name
#	comp => the component name
#	cache => path to the cache dir
#	dest => the destination file name
#	cdrom => cdrom mount point

# Where are located Packages (relative to <comp> directory)
destination = <host>_<path>_dists_<dist>_Contents-<arch>.gz

# Fetch methods
http = wget -N -P "<cache>" -O "<cache>/<dest>" "<uri>/dists/<dist>/Contents-<arch>.gz" || rm -f "<cache>/<dest>";
ftp = wget -N -P "<cache>" -O "<cache>/<dest>" "<uri>/dists/<dist>/Contents-<arch>.gz" || rm -f "<cache>/<dest>"
ssh = scp -l <user> -P <port|22> "<host>:/<path>/dists/<dist>/Contents-<arch>.gz" "<cache>/<dest>"
rsh = rcp -l <user> "<host>:/<path>/dists/<dist>/Contents-<arch>.gz" "<cache>/<dest>"
file = cp "/<path>/dists/<dist>/Contents-<arch>.gz" "<cache>/<dest>"
copy = cp "/<path>/dists/<dist>/Contents-<arch>.gz" "<cache>/<dest>"
cdrom = echo "Put CDROM labeled <path> in the cdrom device" > /dev/stderr ; read ; mount "<cdrom>"; cp "<cdrom>/dists/<dist>/Contents-<arch>.gz" "<cache>/<dest>"; umount "<cdrom>"


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