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Re: aptitude farted?

On Tuesday 11 May 2004 09:41 pm, dircha wrote:

> Execute the following to list packages considered to to automatically
> installed:
> $ aptitude search ~M

Ah.  Good.

> This can happen in cases where you've installed several applications as
> part of a "meta" package - a package which exists just to make
> dependencies on a group of apps - and then uninstalled the top level
> meta package. This is the expected behavior.
> I don't use KDE, but I know there are a number of Debian KDE packages of
> this sort.

I did install the "kde" metapackage, which pulled in everything, including 
three kitchen sinks.  I haven't uninstalled it though.

ii  kde            3.1.2          The K Desktop Environment


That's interesting:
ii  kde            3.1.2          The K Desktop Environment
ii  kdeaddons      3.2.2-1        add-on plugins and applets provided with KDE

Maybe the metapackage was just broken anyway.  I didn't notice the version 
difference previously.

I'll have to investigate.

> Correct this manually by executing:
> # aptitude unmarkauto [package]

Perfect.  Thanks.

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