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Re: disks are hot hot hot - yup - hddtemp

hi ya anthony/alex

On Tue, 11 May 2004, Alex Malinovich wrote:

> On Tue, 2004-05-11 at 09:35, Antony Gelberg wrote:

> > One thing I did notice is that the disks were rather hot, abnormally imo.


> I'm guessing you're using 7200 RPM or better disks. I've never seen a
> 7200 RPM disk that didn't run rather warm. Some get hotter than others,
> but they're all rather hot. I have, in the last 10 months, replaced 5
> drives, all of which failed within about a month of getting them. I was

yup.. 7200rpm disks runs hot ...

since most all of the disk manufacturers now warrant their drives for
1 yr instead of the 3yr or 5yr it used to be ... guess what ... there
was a reason for it .. they have how many sample parts to figure out
their warranty issues

always add one 40mm x 40mm x 20mm fan for each disk right at the disk
or use those drive trays
or use those 4" ( 120cm x 120cm ) fans on the chassis more fans the better

since the mtbf goes down by 50% for each 10C above room temp ..

6,000 mtbf	1yr warranty ... 
3,000 mtbf	at 35C - 6 month
1,500 mtbf	at 45C - 3 months
  750 mtbf	at 55C - 1.5 months

your disk was probably running at 55C

=== use hddtemp  ---> to find out your hd temp
===	http://coredump.free.fr/linux/hddtemp.php

> also having some heat issues with the computer in general. I added two
> more case fans and got a couple of hard drive heatsinks. They're copper,
> about the same size as a drive, and have two fans on the bottom. They
> attach to the bottom of the drive and have an in-line power coupler that
> you can put between the power supply and the drive itself. I got them
> for $10 (US) a piece and since then have not had a single drive failure
> or heat problem. YMMV of course.

kinda klunky but guess it works
	- air needs about 1" of airgap to work "better" ( like it should )
	- air doesnt bend at 90degree turns

c ya

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