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Re: Recommendation on Digital Cameras that work well with linux....and...

> I use the storage method to read my MiniDV camcorder memory (Sony memory 
> stick). With hotplug, I don't need to worry about any entry in 
> /etc/fstab and no need to mount or unmount the device. I would use 
> gphoto2 with Sony camcorder too, if only it would let me :)

 Any camera which uses the USB mass storage method should work just fine, as
it can be mounted as any disc, in /camera, for instance, if you have defined
it in your fstab. Then you can display, copy , delete, whatever file you want,
I have a Minolta Dimage Z1, and it works nicely. I could not use gphoto2 or
digikam, though. I could not find configuration options to tell my camera
used USB mass storage, or, if there was an option, it did not work for me.
So in the end I'm just mounting/unmounting the camera, and moving files from
command line. In my case, I don't mind not having a GUI, since I later
upload all files to another machine and then organize them with gallery. 


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