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Re: 2.6 and nvidia

Emma Jane Hogbin wrote:

> [Compiled nVidia drivers and now X ix broken.]

not sure how to copy and paste the URL from the console, sorry.

Which is one of the reasons I have gpm installed, gpm being the mouse driver for the console. Then just highlight to copy and middle-click to paste.

In any case, I installed nvidia-glx before I should have and that's why I ran
into problems. I appear to now be committed to my mistake....which would
be fine if I could figure out why X says that I no longer have a screen
that works. (What's the new stuff in the kernel that has to do with screen
resolution? I probably messed up somewhere around there...when I did my
make oldconfig)

But X is still throwing up errors and
my nvidia module isn't listed under lsmod. It's there under
/lib/modules/[etc]/nvidia.ko, but I can't probe it (why is everything .ko
now instead of .o?). I do have module-init-tools, and there are other modules loaded, so I'm not sure why nvidia's refusing to play nicely.
Just temporarily, you might use the "nv" or "vesa" or "vga" driver to get back into X. That'll give you a sense of "okay, back in GUI-land, whew", even if it's not quite what you want long-run.


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