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Re: 2.6 and nvidia

On Mon, May 10, 2004 at 03:19:18AM -0400, Emma Jane Hogbin wrote:
> On Mon, May 10, 2004 at 05:07:05PM +1000, Mal Beaton wrote:
> > I used the nvidia installer and I use  a 2.6.5 kernel
> > didnt miss a beat
> You're lucky then! The problem I ran into has actually been documented. Do
> a google search for, "nvidia debian 2.6" and hit the "I feel lucky
> button." Then under "Troubleshooting" you'll see the problem I ran
> into--not sure how to copy and paste the URL from the console, sorry. In
> any case, I installed nvidia-glx before I should have and that's why I ran
> into problems. I appear to now be committed to my mistake....which would
> be fine if I could figure out why X says that I no longer have a screen
> that works. (What's the new stuff in the kernel that has to do with screen
> resolution? I probably messed up somewhere around there...when I did my
> make oldconfig)
> I've got everything compiled now for the 2.6.5 (except my wireless isn't
> working yet, not sure why though). But X is still throwing up errors and
> my nvidia module isn't listed under lsmod. It's there under
> /lib/modules/[etc]/nvidia.ko, but I can't probe it (why is everything .ko
> now instead of .o?). I do have module-init-tools, and there are other 
> modules loaded, so I'm not sure why nvidia's refusing to play nicely.
Hi Emma,
from my basic guess, they changed the extension for 2.6. .o was object,
now in 2.6 .ko means kernel object.

Just a thought, I use a precompiled 2.6.4 kernel and I used the
nvidia-kernel-source package and it worked for me!(tm). Is that what you
used? I'm confused.

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