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Re: What's creating X-X-Sender header?

On Thu, 6 May 2004, Patrick Wiseman wrote:

> My emails from a 'testing' machine include the following header:
> X-X-Sender: pwiseman@mycroft
> I'm 'pwiseman'; my machine's _local_ name is 'mycroft', but no-one in the
> outside world needs to know that.  So what's telling them?  Exim?  How do
> I stop it?

Pine's putting that there. There's a 'disable-sender' setting in the
config to turn it off.

For those of us who just find the 'X-X-' prefix too aethestically
obnoxious, there's also a setting that makes Pine use 'Sender:' instead
of 'X-X-Sender:'. :)

- Aaron

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