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Re: [SPAM] Re: [SPAM] Re: openldap and debian

Michael Banta wrote:
I just downloaded the tarball from openldap.org and compiled it.  It works
just fine. The only thing I don't like about  this though, is that it makes
it harder to keep openldap updated(correct me if I'm wrong).  With a .deb
file I could use apt to automatically(I think) update ldap.  With a tarball,
I have to manually pull download updated file and recompile it.

Is this not true?

Well..., and I just thought of this: you _could_ look into the "equivs" package. This is a package that allows the creation of false packages to circumvent the Debian package management system.

From the description:
"This is a dummy package which can be used to create Debian
 packages, which only contain dependency information.
 This way, you can make the Debian package management
 system believe that equivalents to packages on which other
 packages do depend on are actually installed."

The idea is to use this package to cause the Debian package management system to believe - in this case - that you already have the packages libglib1.2, libgtk1.2, and xlibs installed. These are the (apparently) unnecessary dependencies of libiodbc2.

Whether this will result in runtime errors even when not attempting to use whatever in libiodbc2 requires X support, I do not know.

But if successful, this would allow you do continue automated security updates for the package from the official Debian woody repository.

I think this is obviously a problem that must be solved in the future in a more reasonable way.


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