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Re: [SPAM] Re: openldap and debian

Michael Banta wrote:
I'm using apt to try to install openldap.  However it shows packages
that need to be installed that do not make sense to me.  Like:

xfree86-common xlibs

I don't run x-windows, why would it need a xfree86 anything?

Also I assumed that it install Berkeley db for a database(as a
dependency).  It does not attempt to do do.

I am installing from official sources(debian).

I did apt-get install ldap-server and apt-get install slapd, both say they
need to install these files.  The xfree86 stuff.  I don't even have x

OK. ldap-server is a virtual package provided by slapd. Using "apt-rdepends slapd" (package: apt-rdepends), it appears that the X dependencies are being pulled in by the libiodbc2 package.

Basically this should be considered a bug. However, for what it's worth, libiodbc2 only has this dependency in stable/woody. The libiodbc2 library does not list these dependencies in the unstable version.

I assume that the xlibs and libgtk1.2 dependencies for libiodbc2 are just compile time options for libiodbc2.

So, that leaves three options. One is to use libiodbc2 from testing or unstable. However, since pulling in libiodbc2 from testing or unstable would (from what I can tell) involve upgrading your libc6 to testing or unstable, that really isn't an option.

A second option is to recompile the libiodbc2 package for woody and configure whichever compile-time options are needed to not include support for whatever is pulling in those dependencies.

A third option is to download the .deb for your architecture from http://packages.debian.org/stable/libs/libiodbc2 and force install it with dpkg without installing those dependencies. I would think it should still run.

Maybe others see something that I've missed.

Which of these options sounds best to you? Ask here if you need assistance with whatever you choose.


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