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Re: openldap and debian

Michael Banta wrote:
I'm using apt to try to install openldap.  However it shows packages
that need to be installed that do not make sense to me.  Like:

xfree86-common xlibs

I don't run x-windows, why would it need a xfree86 anything?

Also I assumed that it install Berkeley db for a database(as a
dependency).  It does not attempt to do do.

What is the name of the package you are attempting to install, and are you installing it from an official debian source, or a third party apt repository? This will be helpful to help figure out how to get it to do what you want.

Using "apt-cache show [package name]", does the package you are attempting to install list xfree86-common and xlibs as Depends: or only as Recommends:?

If this is the problem, while for aptitude I know the /etc/apt/apt.conf option to prevent treating recommended packages as dependencies, I do not recall how to do this with apt-get. I believe that dselect provides for this as well. Are you handy with dselect?


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