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Re: Strange server crash on woody with gallery/php

There has been some evolution on the problem. I tried some disk benchmark tools (tiobench, dbench) and both made my server shut off. I tried to install the kernel-image-2.4.18-1-686 package, and at the reboot, it was time for a file system check. Since then, the system always shuts off at the file system check. So now I begin to suspect some hardware corruption that acts on big disk access.

It's on a Asus p4pe board with a western digital disk (ID: WDC WD400JB 00ENA0), if any of you know of some bugs with that combination.

Is there some way to disable the fsck throught the boot parameters, so I can get to a prompt, make a backup of some conf (I haven't backuped /etc/ recently...) and run fsck manually ? Linux single doesn't work, it hangs on the fsck before getting to the prompt.



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